10/2/2009: Featured Teacher #2, Mac Accessibility, iPod Touch for Young Students, Flip Video Educational Pricing, PATINS Second Life Open House, Karen Kangas, Other workshops!

8 Year Olds with iPod Touches: Check out this Learn 4 Life article and video on using iPod Touches with a classroom of 32 eight year old students.  They were all networked through an Airport AND allowed access to the internet! :) www.l4l.co.uk/?p=835

Featured Teacher! This week I spent a couple minutes talking to Maria Demopoulos about some of the things she is using video iPods for, specifically for social stories/scripts for some of her students on the autism spectrum.  Let me know if you know of other amazing teachers doing great things for students from a Universal Design for Learning or accessibility point of view!
Maria Featured Teacher 9292009

Flip Video Educational Pricing: Many of you have probably heard me talk about Flip Video cameras in my workshops and trainings and I wanted to point out that there is special educational pricing on some of their video cameras for teachers through the Digital Wish program.    http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=4310

Mac Accessibility: I got a couple questions this week, one from Warsaw and one from Jim about software to access an Apple computer.  Immediately coming to mind is the built-in Voice Over utility that comes on Macs and also some of the iPods now. www.apple.com/accessibility/voiceover

Karen Kangas: …a handful of seats remain!
Sensory Processing, Integration and Seating with Karen Kangas: PATINS is once again bringing Karen Kangas back to Indiana for 2 intense workshop days at no cost to you!   There are still a few spots remaining for this workshop.  If you’ve heard Karen before or heard me speak ABOUT Karen, you know this isn’t one you want to miss!  November 17, 18.   Click Here to Register!

PATINS Project Island Main

PATINS Project Island Main

PATINS Island Open House! Don’t forget to spend 10 minutes:

  1. Creating Your Free Avatar:
  2. Download and Install the Second Life Software.  Remember this can be installed to a $5 Thumbdrive and run from there.  No need to install to your computer’s hard drive if you’d rather not.
  3. Make sure you can access the Second Life Grid by trying to log in once step 1 & 2 are completed above.
  4. If you cannot log in, contact me.  I have some ideas that could help.

On OCTOBER 20, ALL DAY LONG, at least one PATINS Staff Member will be available on our Island to greet you, give you a tour, answer your questions, provide you with training demonstrations, etc.  Contact me with questions via email or leave comments on the blog!  Additionally, if you want to log in to SL earlier than October 20th to explore our island and would like one of us to meet you there, just let us know!

Additional Resources for learning about Second Life and getting started:

Remember you can register for any of the FREE trainings PATINS offers:

Article on Sight-Words: www.donjohnston.com/enewsletter/teacherleadermcnulty.html

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