Technical Assistance Grants! Due October 3!

The PATINS Project’s Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM) will provide Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA) to ten Indiana Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). 

The purpose of the TTA is to work closely with LEAs to assist with developing, improving and/or sustaining an effective, efficient system for the provision of specialized formats of print-based instructional materials to students with disabilities.

The details of TTA for each LEA will be defined in a TTA Agreement collaboratively developed and agreed upon by the ICAM and assigned PATINS staff and a LEA AIM Coordinating Committee (to be assembled by the LEA).

TTA will be provided free of charge but no additional funds will be provided to participating LEAs.

LEAs interested in receiving TTA from the PATINS Project should COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS APPLICATION BY October 3,2011.  The first five LEAS will be identified to begin work in the fall of 2011 and the other five will be phased in during the year.

All LEAs are welcome to apply and the selection of LEAs will be based on the information included in the application.

If you have questions….

Personal assistance with any questions you may have can be obtained by contacting Vicki Hershman, PATINS Project Director, by email to

To apply for this TTA Grant go to:

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