12/14/2012: NEW Joy Zabala Video Interview, A Dropbox Trick, Kindle Fire HD Accessibility, Special PATINS TV Episode Next Week! All About AIM Website

A NEW VIDEO INTERVIEW:  On the day before the PATINS State Conference last month, I sat down to speak casually with Dr. Joy Zabala, National AIM Center Director of Technical Assistance, about her background and start in the world of assistive technology, accessible materials, and “usable materials,” and how these concepts are all interrelated in a truly universally designed learning environment.   Joy Zabala is truly a leader in the field, an inspiration and a thinker!  She’s one you’ll not want to miss!  Watch the video below and remember that you can watch this and many other videos on the PATINS Website Here: http://bit.ly/patinstv 

  • Star It!  That’s right, make it a favorite!  If you’ve tried to put an MP3 audio file or MP4 Video file, for example, into your Dropbox on your computer in order to access it on your iDevice, you’ve probably realized it’s not quite that simple.  Sure, you can get into your Dropbox on your iDevice (as long as it’s connected to the internet) and you can even view/listen to your audio or video content right there in Dropbox, but you have no way of sending it to your iDevices library.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a trick for that part, but what you can do is touch the little Star in Dropbox to make that file a “Favorite.”  This makes your content available to you when your away from WiFi or your devices is not connected to the internet for any other reason.  Thanks Jeff Bond for finding this one.

    Kindle Fire HD Accessible Now?  Well, it seems that the new larger sized Kindle Fire HD has some good accessibility features that Kindles of the past have lacked.  My understanding is that the smaller sized Fire HDs still don’t have the same accessibility features, but they could in the new year.  More here:   www.technobuffalo.com/companies/amazon/kindle-fire-fired-hd-7-get-accessibility-boost-with-voice-and-touch-controls/


    Sandi Kelli Holiday

    REMEMBER to Tune In to PATINS TV on Tuesday at 11:45am EST to see Sandi Mahl (PATINS SE Coordinator) and Kelli Suding (PATINS SE Assistant) make their debut as special PATINS TV guests!  Sandi and Kelli have a wealth of knowledge to share and they’ll share it in a way that’s fun and understandable.   This episode will show viewers how to use assistive technology to meet the needs of their student or child by modifying every day toys. We will use low cost, no-tech to low-tech items on books and toys to allow children to find the JOYful independence that they constantly seek and deserve!


    NEW TO AIM?  Are you new to Accessible Instructional Materials?  Check out the newly redesigned homepage of the national AIM Center’s Website.  It features a new All About AIM section that’s pretty great for anyone just getting involved with accessible materials.   Maybe you’re an old pro with AIM?  You probably know someone who’s not.  Send them here!  http://aim.cast.org/learn/accessiblemedia/allaboutaim


    PATINS Tech Expo… Registration coming soon!  Look for Tech Expo registration to be live on the PATINS Website early to mid-January!



    ATIA 2013 Logo

    Registered for ATIA yet?   Tell your colleagues here in Indiana and in any other state to look for the Pre-Conference Session PRE-09T.   Jeff Bond and I will be presenting this all-day session on Tuesday January 29th.  It’s a Hands-On BYO-Device Session titled, “Creating, Finding, and Utilizing Accessible Text and e-Reading on iDevices with FREE Software.”   Register for ATIA here:  www.atia.org/precon  



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