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Read:OutLoud and NIMAS Files

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Read:OutLoud and NIMAS Files

This week, Martha Hammond/ICAM Library Services Consultant and I worked together on the content of our blogs.  Each week Martha puts together a timely package of well written information and helpful hints that can be found in the ICAM Dispatch  So, you may be wondering, “How many PATINS people does it take to write a blog?”  For mine, today, at least three.  The app of the week comes from a posting on Facebook by Sandy Stabenfeldt!  Thanks guys! ICAM Dispatch link can be found on the PATINS Project Networking page.  Once on the blog, the subscription area is just to the right of the content.  Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/patinsproject

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion about these two downloads from the ICAM. Let me clarify.


Several years ago PATINS purchased a license from Don Johnston, Inc. that resulted in the ICAM being able to provide Read:OutLoud software to every student enrolled in Indiana public schools, at no cost . Each license also includes take-home rights so that students may continue effective study across settings. When schools download the Read:OutLoud software from the ICAM they are making available a text reader with a built in dictionary, web browser and bibliography assistant that also helps students learn to outline the material they read in an easy to use package. Text to speech software like Read:OutLoud can be regarded as assistive technology when a case conference committee determines that a student’s ability to access text Is compromised by a physical disability. However, like many other technologies Read:OutLoud is helpful tool for students who do not have a physical disability.

Following are examples of how non-print disabled students might use Read:OutLoud with take-home rights.

R:OL and the Internet – After it has been downloaded on the student’s pc, they may then open web pages through R:OL and use the features he or she prefers.

R:OL and Supplemental CDs – Often publishers include supplemental cds with the printed textbooks. These cds may be used with R:OL because they have been made available for that student as a part of their textbook rental.

R:OL and Purchased Accessible Learning Materials – The school may purchase digital copies of textbooks, of course. If your school decides to purchase digital formats of learning materials for students, you will want to consider the P.A.L.M. Initiative to be sure the digital material you purchase is accessible. For immediate assistance, contact your PATINS Regional Coordinator, or the ICAM.


The National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) is a file standard that transforms XML files into specialized formats, and those are Braille, Large Print, Audio and Digital. In a revamping of IDEA in 2004, provisions were added to address the learning needs of print disabled students, which resulted in the NIMAS files. Only students who have a documented print disability are legally qualified to receive learning materials derived from NIMAS files. They receive them through their school at no cost in a downloaded file from the ICAM. The ICAM is the sole provider of these files for the students of Indiana. NIMAS files are protected by the book publishers, and by the IDEA mandate. When you log in to the ICAM and check that box that says you agree to the terms, a large part of what you agree to is to protect these files and honor the mandate.

*Please remember: Students may not “borrow” a digital NIMAS file text or other NIMAS material from a print disabled student who receives digital files from the ICAM; clearly that would be a violation of the copyright agreement.

So, in short:

Read:OutLoud = Free and useful computer program for all Indiana public school students.

NIMAS Files = Accessible learning materials like textbooks. Free only to students with certified print disabilities.

Read:OutLoud is great for reading the materials contained in NIMAS files, but it is great for a lot of other things too!

App of the Week!     

picture of ClaroPDF app in 3 colors cartoon girl with a piece of paper and the letters PDF and word claro underneath

The ClaroPDF app is free for Dyslexia Awareness Week!  It allows you to view and listen to PDF files as well as annotate them.  The ClaroPDF does contain some in app purchases.  If you miss this free week, there is a claro lite that is a free download all the time.



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  1. By: Sandy on October 21, 2013 at 3:32 pm      

    Thank you for the clarification. I have used Read:out:loud for years, but thought it was only for students with IEPs or 504 plans. I will let the other teachers know.

  2. By: Sandi Mahl on October 21, 2013 at 5:41 pm      

    I glad this helped! If they want training let your PATINS Coordinator know. There are several different ways we can do it and our trainings are always free.

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