5/14/2010: Search For Accessible Books, SL Economy Stats! Tech Expo Photos, Accessibility Personal Stories, iPad Accessibility, iPad Apps, SL Viewer 2,

Hopefully, you made it to the PATINS Tech Expo last Tuesday.  Either way, keep your eyes, ears and QR Code Readers ready for information on next year’s events!
Here’s a few photos from the Tech Expo:

Tech Expo Video StillPATINS Tech Expo Last Tuesday; A few photoshttp://video214.co/play/zLNXG0LE00LojLNfCoHmrQ/s/dark

Accessibility Changes Lives: I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this Accessibility resource for Mac computers before, but check out this newer section on personal stories: http://atmac.org/accessibility-changes-lives/

iPad & Accessibility: More from the same resource listed above all about the iPad!  http://atmac.org/ipad-assistive-technology-disability-round-up

Second Life Economy: You’ve probably heard me speak or read my postings on the amount of money exchanged in Second Life before, but here’s some more up to date stats for Quarter 1 of 2010:

  • User-to-User Transactions totaled US$160 million, a 30% increase year-to-year and an all-time high
  • Total Sales on Xstreet reached US$2.3 million, an 82% increase year-to-year and a 24% increase over the previous quarter
  • Total L$ exchanged on the LindeX totaled US$31 million, a 9% increase year-to-year
  • Residents active in the Economy reached 517,349 in March, a 2010 high
  • Monthly Unique Users with Repeat Logins peaked in March at 826,214, a 13% increase year-to-year and an all-time high

…a pretty clear indication to me that this sort of technology, Second Life in particular, is not going away.  Large financial exchanges are happening here and if this much business is taking place, I think we almost have to assume that as educators we must have an awareness at the very least and also be preparing our students to work and train in online virtual immersive environments.  Are we?

Drop Box for iPad: iPad support added for the iPad!  Thanks Jim! FREE! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dropbox/id327630330?mt=8

A couple other Apps worth checking out (Thanks again Jim):

Second Life Viewer 2.1: on the way!  http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2010/05/05/on-the-road-to-viewer-21 Hopefully, you’re already using Viewer 2 when you come to most training events on the PATINS Island.  Many people are not used to viewer 2 yet and there are certainly some legitimate complaints about it, but the shared media it offers is powerful!  And we are utilizing Shared Media features of Viewer 2 on the PATINS Island.  Each seat in our Main Auditorium, for example, now has a personal web browser for attendees!  You must be using SL Viewer 2 to utilize them though.

NIMAC Search Image

NIMAC Search Image

Search For Accessible Books: In addition to NIMAS files, which are ideal for your students not able to access printed books, there are many  other resources available to you and many of them are FREE.  Don’t forget that anyone, DRM or Not, is free to use the Library Search feature on the ICAM website:  www.icam.k12.in.us/library.php. Even Non-DRM’s can search the actual NIMAC Library that houses the NIMAS Source Files Federally to see if a particular textbook exists before requesting that your DRM download it.