10/9/12: Special Mid-Week Posting: Keep Breathing, PATINS State Conference Updates, CIESC-IDOE Back To School Resource Fair, Parent-Family iPad Evening in Indy

Well, to say things have been busy the last couple weeks would be a severe understatement!  I do apologize for missing the last couple of weeks with the blog though and have lots to share.  This one, actually should have posted Friday and didn’t, but here it is and I’ll do my best to get another posting out this Friday.


scuba cycle image

First, and quite appropriate to my life recently, is a discussion I’ve had with some colleagues in other states and in some Indiana districts that relates to one of my other lives as a scuba diver!  KEEP BREATHING.  While it may sound silly/obvious at first, it’s the best advice around amongst scuba divers.  Seriously, new or overwhelmed divers can have a tendency to forget to breath!  So, when the air is compressed at depth, then held in because they forget to breath and then expands rapidly as the stressed diver rushes to the surface in panic… well, the lungs explode.  This Fall, like many starts to the school year of the past, can be particularly stressful as we all try to do 15 different jobs at once.  So, remember that the most important thing may just be to stay exactly where you are for a moment and remind yourself to keep breathing.  😉


PATINS State Conference Announcements!  

It’s Getting Closer and Closer!  We’ve got an awesome lineup of speakers that include such national presenters as Joy Zabala, Scott Marfilius, Kelly Fonner, Mystie Rail, Anne Rowe, Judi Sweeney, Jason Carroll and MANY others!  We also have two highly inspirational and entertaining keynote presenters!  The conference booklet is now available to you as a downloadable PDF.  It’s pretty large and might take a couple minutes to download, but is well worth it.  Registration for the conference is $75/day and includes your breakfast and lunch!  Registration is required and will close on Nov. 1st, so don’t delay!  There will be 2 hands on lab rooms going all day, both days and 6 other concurrent session rooms going on all day, both days!   Great Door Prizes (iPads!) will be given away each day!  For the first time ever, there will be a “DRM Corner-Chat” on both days where you can casually bring your questions, ideas, concerns, success stories to the ICAM & IERC experts!  Download the Conference Booklet and register at the links below!

Presentation Schedulehttp://bit.ly/PresentationGrid

Full Conference Booklet (including presentation schedule)http://bit.ly/FullBooklet

Conference Registration:  http://bit.ly/PATINSStateConf2012


CIESC IMage Flyer

CIESC / IDOE Back To School Resource Fair!  TOMORROW!!!

The Indiana Department of Education and the Central Indiana Education Service Center are hosting this event for all interested teachers and administrators.  What: This open house style event will be an opportunity for educators to gather resources, ask questions, and provide feedback on Indiana’s newest education initiatives. IDOE representatives will be on hand to provide information and answer questions about: Teacher Evaluation, A-F School Accountability, Indiana’s Common Core, REPA II, eLearning.   Download/View the PDF Flyer here: CIESC IDOE Resource Fair Flyer




Oct 29 Parent iPad Evening Image

PARENT-Family iPad Training Evening Announced!

This great evening opportunity, co-hosted by the PATINS ProjectINSource, which is primarily intended for parents & families, will offer several ways to improve the accessibility of the iPad for children experiencing Vision, Hearing, Physical, Cognitive, or Communication challenges.  Limited to the 20 registrations!  Content of this evening presentation will be tailored to the specific and unique needs of the registrants to the greatest extent possible.

Virtual National Presenter: Dr. Theresa Willkomm, a.k.a. The MacGyver of Assistive Technology! University of New Hampshire
On Site Presenters: Jeff Bond, Jim Lambert, Daniel McNulty – PATINS Project

When: Monday October 29, 2012 from 6:00 – 7:30pm

Where: CIESC (Central IN Educational Service Center) 6321 La Pas Trail, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Register Here: http://bit.ly/familyone 

Download Flyer Here: Parent Night Flyer2 10 29 12










8/10/12: Apple Special Ed. Seminar! VI Teacher Audio Interviews, Whitley County Autism Walk, Alternatives To Powerpoint, 2 Great Upcoming Events

Apple Special Ed. Seminar September 13:  Co-Sponsored by PATINS Project and ICASE

ICAM VI Teacher Audio Interviews: If you’ve not yet heard any of the audio interviews that Martha and the ICAM staff are doing with outstanding teachers of the visually impaired, check these out!

iPad Document Camera: A pretty cool stand that will turn your iPad into a Document Camera.  Could be quite useful in some classrooms, where the teacher is walking around with an iPad anyway, to make things larger for increased accessibility to examples, demonstrations, etc.  www.ipaddocumentcamera.com


Whitley County Autism Walk: Sunday Oct. 7, 2:00pm.  1 mile, $10, Includes Walk T-Shirt!


6-Week Long UDL Course from ISTE: http://www.iste.org/store/product.aspx?ID=2490&utm_source=Store%2BEmail&utm_medium=Store%2BEmail&utm_content=Feature%2BAd%2B(UDL%2BCourse)&utm_campaign=Store%2BEmail%2B(UDL%2BCourse)%2B8.9.12 

10 Alternatives To Powerpoint:  www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/08/10-excellent-alternatives-to-powerpoint.html 

Two More Events to keep an eye on!

  • Nov. 8-9   PATINS State Conference Returns!  Save The Date.  Watch here and on the PATINS Website for Registration info very soon!  AND, we’re still wanting a few more teachers, therapists, admin, IT staff, who are working toward accessibility and are willing to share!  The Call For Proposals will absolutely close 1 week from today on Aug. 17 2012.  Get your Proposal in NOW, by clicking this link:  www.surveymonkey.com/s/PATINSStateConf2012CFP
  • End of Sept/Beg. of Oct.  Parent Webinar nights with ISTE presenters that PATINS will be co-sponsoring with INSOURCE.  Watch for more information on this next week and start thinking about parents that you think could benefit.  There will be 2 locations; one in Indianapolis and one in South Bend.  Space will be limited to 20 parents at each site.

7/19/2012: Announcing NEW ICAM Blog! Big PATINS Changes Reminder, A Few Dates To Put On The Calendar Now!

NEW ICAM Blog Announced! Martha Hammond at the ICAM has started blogging all things AIM, NIMAS & ICAM related on Thursdays via the brand new “ICAM Dispatch.”  I think it’d be a wise decision to take 5 minutes and check it out, subscribe just like you do to this blog and leave Martha some comments, suggestions, etc.  …especially if you are a DRM or serving students with print disabilities.

 First Friday Walk For Autism:  Aug. 3.  This wonderful event helps raise awareness and funds for families in Grant County
living with autism.

Aug. 7:  PATINS Live TV Returns at 11:45am EST

Nov. 8-9: Save The Date:  PATINS 2012 State Conference!  Flyer Here: State Conf 2012 Flyer 1 CFP

ASAP: Still a little time to get your proposal in to present at the PATINS State Conference Nov. 8-9.  Contact me with questions: dmcnulty@ciesc.k12.in.us

A Reminder:
Big PATINS Project Changes!

Several things have now officially changed within the PATINS Project organization that I want to make sure you’re aware of as we get closer and closer to the start of the 12-13 school year.

  1. The SE PATINS Site has moved from Madison to Columbus, IN and as you may know, Tina Jones ( SE Site Coordinator for past 17 years) has retired.  Tina will be missed by many people!  Tina’s replacement as the new SE Site Coordinator is Sandi Mahl.   The email you are currently using to reach the SE Site (sepatins@ciesc.k12.in.us) will remain the same, but will be received by Sandi now instead of Tina Jones.  We hope you’ll help us welcome Sandi to the PATINS Team!  More on Sandi to come!  Kelli Suding will be assisting Sandi at the SE Site and Kelli’s email is: ksuding@ciesc.k12.in.us.  The new SE Physical & Mailing Address: 1200 Central Avenue, Columbus, IN 47201
  2. The NE PATINS Site has also moved, but just a couple miles down the road to the Wabash City Schools Admin Building.  I have handed over the NE Site Coordinator position Julie Kuhn!  We’re also excited to welcome Julie to the PATINS team and more details on her will also be coming soon!  Much like the SE, the NE Coordinator email will still be (nepatins@ciesc.k12.in.us), but it will no longer come to me.  It will go only to Julie!  Brandon Culver has also transitioned out of the NE Assistant position and Emily Booth has transitioned in.  Her email is ebooth@ciesc.k12.in.us.  The new NE Physical & Mailing Address: 1101 Colerain St. Wabash, IN 46992.  After today, please don’t send anything to the old Wabash address as it will likely not reach PATINS!
  3. Vicki Hershman has also officially retired as the PATINS State Director after 17 years of dedicated service to PATINS and to Indiana’s K-12 schools.  Vicki will also be missed considerably by many and while there really is no replacing her (or Tina in the SE), I have now assumed the role of PATINS State Director.  My new email is: dmcnulty@ciesc.k12.in.us and you may begin using it now.  The Central PATINS location and phone numbers will not change:  Contact Us Page Here
  4. Finally, the PATINS UDL Blog is going to be merged with this PATINS Rapid Fire Blog.  Tina has done a great job of keeping you informed with UDL related information on the UDL Blog and going forward, I plan to combine UDL, AT, AIM, Creative Ideas to Engage, Announcements, Important Information, all in this one convenient location.   So, if you were subscribed to the UDL Blog, you’ll want to make sure you’re now subscribed to this one.  Just enter your email address in the upper right-hand area of this page and click subscribe.  That way you’ll receive just the headlines each Friday in your inbox and can then decide if you want to click them for more information.

We ask that you continue to bear with us during this time of transition.  I do not anticipate any problems or delays in PATINS services to you and your colleagues, but we will have several new staff in new positions and are losing three very valuable PATINS Staff.  Vicki, Tina, and Brandon will all be missed greatly.  I am excited and very optimistic about the new staff joining us and I view this as an exciting opportunity to evolve, adapt & grow!   More details on new staff members will be coming and I hope that everyone out there will help to welcome them.  I will still blog over the summer months as much as possible and my plan is to continue blogging in this coming school year in my new role as well.



1/27/2011: 3-Part Series on Young Children and AIM Starting NEXT WEEK! Emphasizing Responsibility, New TTA Grant Applications Open SOON, ePub Converter Upgrade Reminder, PATINS State Conference 2012 Dates!

Apologies that this post didn’t go out Friday morning like usual.  I have several important announcements though and needed to wait a couple more days. 
You won’t want to miss some of this stuff! 

When Will We Start Teaching Online Responsibility… and stop blocking access???  Anyone who’s ever had a conversation with me about education has likely heard my feelings on all the missed opportunities, teachable moments and chances to grow that happens when organizations choose to block access to the internet or to content on the internet rather than to teach responsible use and to enforce consequences when individuals choose to misuse the tools.  When a student can’t do addition, we teach.  When  student doesn’t know how to implement the scientific method, we teach.  When a student is having trouble giving change for a $10 bill, we teach.  When a student doesn’t know how to access research material in the library, we teachBUT, when a student doesn’t know how to use the internet appropriately, safely, effectively and efficiently, WE BLOCK.  Blocking and Restricting in lieu of teaching responsibility and enforcing a set of rules is something I don’t believe I’ll ever fully understand and truly a dis-service to the students who will not be living and working in a world where they will be blocked and restricted.  Rather, they will need to have skills and tools to make good, safe, appropriate choices.  Further, the students in school districts who understand this and have already changed their policies will have an enormous advantage over the students in school districts who have not.  This article discusses this shift from Acceptable Use Policies to RESPONSIBLE Use Policies and is certainly worth a very quick read.  “According to Wolf, schools have generally found it easy to shift or waive existing policies if it means making the most of the educational value of mobile technologies.” Craven said. “It empowers their learning so much that it would be irresponsible of us as a district to prevent children from using mobile devices or using the device that they learn best with for those few who are going to cause problems.”


Engage Students with ANY Device:  IF you do happen to be in a district fortunate enough to allow students to utilize the technology they already have, perhaps in addition to some school owned mobile technology, then definitely take a couple minutes and check out Socrative.  This is a FREE resource for utilized just about ANY device as as Student/Audience Response system. 

New PATINS Sponsored Opportunity to learn AIM with Young Children from two awesome National Presenters

  • The PATINS Project will be hosting a three part series on AIM to Start Early: Implementing Accessible Materials with Young Children
    with national presenters Kelly Fonner, Scott Marfilius and Donna McNear
  •  Feb. 6, 2012; 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST – The first event in the series is a webinar with Scott and Donna that will cover the current educational contexts for using AIM with young children, as well as cover the foundational concepts, research implications, developmentally appropriate practices and the instructional framework.
  • Mar. 5, 2012; 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST – The second event will be a live streaming event with Kelly, Scott and Donna that will encompass implementation with demonstration of appropriate technology tools and software and instructional supports.
  • April 2, 2012; 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST –The final event will be a follow-up webinar with Kelly and Scott that will focus on developing a plan for implementation and program development/improvement.

Click http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AIMforyoungchildrenseries12712 for Registration information or visit www.patinsproject.com for additional information. 

*Professional Growth Points (PGPs) for participation require participation in all three events of the series.


IN Early Childhood Conference:  As a nicely timed  follow up to the 3-Part Series with Scott, Kelly and Donna described above, be sure to check out the opportunities at the Indiana Early Childhood Conference on April 26-28.  PATINS should be there at a booth and also presenting.  Registration is now open and more info can be found here:   www.iaeyc.org/IndianaEarlyChildhoodConference/tabid/435/language/en-US/Default.aspx


MARK  YOUR  CALENDARS!  PATINS State Conference 2012.  Nov.8-9, Indianapolis
more details coming soon!

PATINS State Conference 2012 Logo
NEW ROUND of TTA (Targeted Technical Assistance) Grants AVAILABLE SOON!  As soon as today or tomorrow, you should expect to see PATINS announce that a 2nd round of TTA Grants will be accepted!  Remember you saw it here first!  :)   There will be a fairly short turnaround time on the application and as soon as it’s available, I will post a special announcement with links and resources here on this blog.  In the meantime, you can start to think about who you’d like on your TTA Team and start to gather a little bit of information about your school district with regard to the current status of Accessible Instructional Materials and the 7 AIM Quality Indicators, which are linked here for you: http://aimconsortium.cast.org/best_practices/quality_indicators.  and also listed below:

Does YOUR Indiana school district need help with any of these?  If Yes, the PATINS TTA Grant can help you!

  1. Supporting the provision of appropriate, high-quality instructional materials in specialized formats.
  2. Providing specialized formats  of materials in a timely manner.
  3. Developing & Implementing written guidelines defining responsibilities and actions for specialized formats.
  4. Supporting Professional Development and Training for staff around students with print disabilities and implementation of specialized formats.
  5. Developing & Implementing a systematic process for monitoring & evaluating the provision of specialized formats.
  6. Utilizing data to guide changes that support continual improvement around the provision of specialized formats.
  7. Allocating sufficient resources to ensure the delivery & sustainability of services to students with print disabilities.


FREE ePub Converter Upgrade!  Remember to upgraded your DAISY to ePub Converter from the ICAM (Indiana Center for Accessible Materials) for FREE to version 2.0.  This new version makes it VERY EASY for you to create iPad or other eReader content directly from your MS Word documents!   We can always provide you training on doing this as well!   Just ask.   In the meantime, send your DRMs here to get the free upgrade for you:


200 POSTS!!!  I’m not sure if anyone but me has been keeping track, but this posting will be #198 since I started doing this “Friday Blog” back in September of 2007.  Remember you can go to the right hand side of this blog and search all of the past 198 posts by month or by keyword.  It’s all archived.  So, for my 200th blog posting, I thought I’d try to do something extra fun, interesting or just different.  If anyone has any ideas or request for the 200th posting, just send me an email and/or leave a comment here on the blog!  All ideas welcome!  nepatins@ciesc.k12.in.us





9/9/2011: Sorry! Cell Phones in School, eBook Reader Matrix, More VI Apps, 3D Book Site, Copyright Free Images, Visual Thesaurus and Some Quick Reminders!

Apologies …to those who got the email this morning that a new blog posting was ready and then arrived here to find a 404 Error Message!  It’s been a long week!  I added a few bonus items at the end of this morning’s post for the inconvenience.

Phones & Devices In School:  I was recently in a school building giving a presentation on portable devices and literally, right outside the presentation room was this banner encouraging attendance hanging directly next to a warning against portable devices with a big, “NO.”  I couldn’t help but snap a quick photo, yes, with my iPhone.   The polarity between those two signs was almost laughable.  It really drives home the point I keep trying to make about the very obvious divide between work, play and life in general outside of the K-12 building and that within the K-12 building.  Outside, we rely on our portable devices constantly!  Yet, inside of many schools we still treat these powerful devices as if we don’t understand them, are afraid of them, etc.  After thinking about these signs on the way home I realized it would be the same as me encouraging teachers and administration to come to a training or a conference, but prohibiting all electronic devices.  … and then sitting around afterward and wondering why I was having trouble getting people to attend events.  This is bound to be a little controversial and that’s OK.  We NEED to have discussion around this issue, because it’s not going away.  One very obvious concern to me is, of course, that these devices can often level the playing field for so many students who struggle with learning and expressing knowledge in traditional ways.  I’d love some comments or even some direct emails from readers on this issue.

Attendance and Portable Devices Image

Here’s a couple articles related to the cell phone/portable device issue: 


Getting LOTS of eReader Questions!  As we RAPIDLY move toward a digital curriculum, one of the initial questions concerns which eBook Reader a student ‘should’ use.   Here’s a nice matrix that includes many, not all, eReaders:

More Apps for Vision Impairments:


A Few Bonus Links that I learned about yesterday from our friends in Ohio!  Thanks OCALI, especially Nick & Jim!

  • ZooBurst: This is an online tool for making and/or just reading 3D Books, that can incorporate a webcam!  VERY COOL possibilities here for so many state standards!
  • Ookaboo:  This is a place for you and your students to search for royalty-free images that can be used without the worry of copyright infringement, which many of you know is a huge issue to me.  Check this one out for sure!
  • Snappy Words:  This is very similar to Visuwords that I’ve probably talked with many of you about over the last 5 years.  Very cool visual thesaurus and a great tool to add to your bag of tricks.

REMEMBER: A few quick items you don’t want to forget about!








8/19/2011: NEW PATINS WEBSITE! Autism Virtual Conference, DRMs Tips Page, Switch Access for Kindle, Super Abilities Video, TTA Grant Deadline

New PATINS Website Image Aug 2011

NEW PATINS Website! … and trainings being scheduled NOW!

If you haven’t noticed yet, PATINS Project has a brand new website with a new, more functional, look! www.patinsproject.com . A couple of things I’d like to draw your attention to with the new website:

  • Upper right hand area; there are up/down arrows allowing you to change the font size to match your needs
  • Just Below the up/down arrows, you’ll find the Regional Menu. Here you can go straight to your PATINS Regional Site’s Page to see trainings being offered, Tips & Tricks, Contact Info, Lending Library Request Info and more! Lots of trainings are already being scheduled.
  • Check it out, let us know what you think, we’re always interested in ideas to make it more useful to you!
  • www.patinsproject.com

Welcome Back To School…. for MOST of you now:  Don’t forget about this TTA Grant before October!

PATINS Targeted Technical Assistance Grants:  There seems to be some confusion out there about 2 related but unconnected Grants that were recently announced.  There was a grant that was due to IDOE on 8/10 this week.  There is a separate and different grant through the PATINS Project that is due October 3, 2011 called the Targeted Technical Assistance Grant for Indiana public K-12 districts.  Read about it and apply here!     http://nepatins.edublogs.org/2011/08/05/technical-assistance-grants-due-october-3/      Contact us with questions.

Autism Virtual Conference:  Sept. 12-16, 2011    FREE
“What Educators Wish They Know About Special Education Their First Year.”   “Whether it is your first year at school or you have some experience under your belt, expand your toolbox with strategies and techniques for working students with disabilities!”   PATINS  will be providing several sessions along with many others.  Register SOON for this entirely online and entirely free event!
Flyer Here: Autism Fall 2011 Virtual Conf Flyer

Session Schedule & Register Here: http://handsinautism.org/educatorconference.html


Great DRM’s Are Made!  A Great Tips Page from the ICAM for all the DRMs out there.  If you’re not a DRM, please share this with your district’s DRMs.  If your district doesn’t have DRMs, contact us SOON to help you remedy that situation ASAP!  http://www.icam.k12.in.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=127&Itemid=105

PageBot...from Origin Instruments as a Switch Access Tool For Kindle:  http://estore.orin.com/

Future Abilities, Disabilities, Super-Abilities:  I’ve been telling my wife for several years now that I’m just going to take one whole summer off and have all of my bones replaced with titanium bones.  As a nurse, she used to explain to me why my idea really wasn’t the smartest.  Now, she mostly ignores me 😉   So, you can imagine my excitement when I came across this TED video this week.  Maybe my tech-biology dreams aren’t so far-fetched.

 “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”   -Ken Robinson: HERE


8/12/2011: Welcome Back To School, Technical Assist Grant, New DRM Online Training, Various Available Grants, Inspirational Video!

Welcome Back To School …for many of you!

PATINS Targeted Technical Assistance Grants:  There seems to be some confusion out there about 2 related but unconnected Grants that were recently announced.  There was a grant that was due to IDOE on 8/10 this week.  There is a separate and different grant through the PATINS Project that is due October 3, 2011 called the Targeted Technical Assistance Grant for Indiana public K-12 districts.  Read about it and apply here!     http://nepatins.edublogs.org/2011/08/05/technical-assistance-grants-due-october-3/      Contact us with questions.

Great Educational Comic Strips/Cartoon Creation!  Chris Bohn, is doing some really cool things with this tool and some of her students on the autism spectrum.  Let me know if you’re interested in learning more and I’ll gladly put you in touch with Chris.  www.bitstripsforschools.com   (Thanks Chris!)

AAC Device Trainings: There are some recurring training opportunities I recently learned about that are worth passing on for families and therapy teams!  These are non-device-specific trainings for 3 hours to cover basics of Unity, programming, and implementation.  No CEUs will be offered, but the trainings are free.  The trainings will take place at Riley Hospital on the first Thursday of the month from 4:00-7:00 p.m. beginning Thursday, October 6.  So far, we have only scheduled the trainings through December, but plan to add January thru May sometime in the fall.  We have a limit of 15 participants per training and they will need to register at www.prentrom.com/training

NEW Online DRM Training:  If you are a newly appointed DRM, a current DRM needing a refresher or you know a DRM in need of help, there is now an online training created by the ICAM!  Contact your PATINS Regional Coordinator if you’re in need of utilizing this Video Training and we’ll point you in the right direction:   www.patinsproject.com


A Little Inspiration & Perhaps... food for thought as we begin this new school year.  A moving TED talk from Caroline Casey

 “The effectiveness of a group is not determined by the individual’s IQ in the group, but by how the group communicates… by how often individuals communicate with one another.”  David Brooks

4/22/2011: An ICAM Note to DRMs, PATINS Infomercial, Autism Virtual Fair Next Week, Tech Expo Videos, iPad Resources, Upcoming Events, Shifting Nature of Writing, TextHelp Free Trials,

PATINS Infomercial Image

PATINS Infomercial! We recently worked with CIESC Media staff to develop a VERY SHORT introduction to the PATINS Project.  It seems that every single week I run into at least one person who has never heard of PATINS and who asks me what we are all about in the state of Indiana.  Well, now in 5 minutes folks can view this clip and have a good overview of the PATINS Project. This might be something you want to share with your colleagues, your administration, your student’s parents,  your child’s teachers, etc.

ICAM Logo imageIndiana DRMs:  A Spring-Time Note From the Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM):

Recognizing your very busy schedule, the ICAM reminds you to plan ahead!

The new school year, 2011-12, will begin in approximately 5 months!

Please place requests for material as soon as you have your booklists, to avoid waiting once school begins. If you are not the teacher of record, please offer them a friendly reminder. All of us are responsible to ensure the provision of accessible instructional materials in a timely manner. With this goal, the ICAM will make every effort to serve you efficiently, effectively and immediately, after you’ve placed your requests!

Orders for Braille, large print and specialized aids and equipment should be requested by April 15th for August delivery.  The IERC has already begun filling and shipping orders for next year.  Please have someone at your ‘ship to’  location check the contents of all packages shipped to you, verify that the packing slip matches the items in the shipment, and sign and date one copy of the packing slip.  Keep one copy for your records and return the signed copy to the IERC.  Please report any discrepancies to the IERC immediately at 1-800-833-2198 or 317-554-2740.

Please remember to review your orders placed on the ICAM and check the action taken codes on pending orders. If you have questions regarding an action code or the status of an order placed for Braille, large print, and/or specialized aids and equipment or need additional information regarding IERC materials, please do not hesitate to contact the IERC at 1-800-833-2198 or email Leslie Durst at ldurst@isbvik12.org or Martha LaBounty at mlabounty@isbvik12.org .

Tech Expo 2011 2

Tech Expo Videos (2011): In case you missed it last week, check out a bunch of very short video clips from the April 13th PATINS Tech Expo here:

Some iPad Resources:

Adapting Writing Instruction: Here’s a nice article found by Tina on the shifting nature of WRITING.

TextHelp Free Trials: TextHelp, makers of Read & Write Gold and Fluency Tutor recently announced free 30-day trial downloads from their website.
Take a look: http://www.texthelp.com/pag e.asp?pg_id=10227

Don’t Forget to Register for 3 great FREE upcoming Events:

4/15/2011: PATINS Tech Expo 2011 Videos! DRM Podcast Interviews, Creative Commons and Copyright, Great Highlighter Tool, Free Software, Upcoming Events

Tech Expo 2011 1Tech Expo 2011 2Tech Expo 2011 3PATINS Tech Expo 2011 took place this past Thursday at the Crown Plaza in Indianapolis!  Thank you to all who came and helped make it a success!  It was a great event with lots of information from many assistive technology vendors including many presentations and hands-on opportunities with both software and hardware! If you missed it, first thing to do is mark down this annual event on your calendar for next April!  Then, check out these Video Samples from this year’s tech expo.  These Videos should open with iTunes or Windows Media Player or VLC Player on either a Mac or PC, but let me know if you have trouble. They are all VERY short samples and should give you an idea of what the PATINS Tech Expo is all about.

ICAM Logo image DRM Spotlight Podcast: Remember to subscribe to our Digital Rights Managers (DRM) Spotlight Podcast here.  About once per month, I spend 10-15 minutes talking with one of Indiana’s outstanding DRMS’s about what they do, how they do it, what works well, what doesn’t and advice or suggestions they might offer other DRMs in other Indiana school districts.  It’s free advice and suggestions from people who are doing it!  A new episode  (#7) with Wayne Township DRMs posted yesterday!

Creative Commons Website LogoDiscover Ed: Some of you may remember me blogging about Creative Commons and copyright issues back in July of 2008 (HERE) and perhaps you were able to participate in the DOE’s 21st Century Learning Labs podcast episode on March 28th (HERE) on Creative Commons.  “DiscoverEd is a search prototype developed by Creative Commons to explore metadata enhanced search, specifically for OER.” (Open Educational Resources).  Definitely worth spending some time here and familiarizing yourself with CC licensing in General!   http://discovered.labs.creativecommons.org/search/en/

If you don’t think Creative Commons Licensing applies to you and your classroom/school, here are three questions to ask yourself:

  • Do my students create anything digitally?  (photos, artwork, drawings, word documents, audio recordings, blogs, podcasts)
  • Do my students contribute to a class or school Wiki, Blog, Facebook page, etc?
  • Do my students go online to gather digital resources (photos, videos, audio, text, etc).

If you answered YES to any of these three questions, then CC and copyright really is an essential piece of your curriculum.  If you didn‘t answer YES to the above three questions,  are you really preparing your students for life and work in the 21st century? Awesome Highlighter: One I’ve blogged about before, but was reminded of this morning in a skype presentation I was giving.  www.awesomehighlighter.com Vendor Discounts: Don’t forget about the current Vendor Discounts through PATINS:  www.patinsproject.com/buys.html Free Software: …also, don’t forget that these 3 pieces of great software can be obtained FREE OF CHARGE through PATINS -ICAM

Upcoming Events: