3/12/2010: David Davis SL Recording Available! FETC Virtual Spring Conference, Facebook to Teach Internet Safety? Awesome FREE Mapping Tool & Photoshop Replacement, Animal Crossing, Dragon Tips, Sumo Paint, Bye Bye Print, IEP Checklist & MORE!

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David Davis Presentation Recording on the PATINS Second Life Island: Watch and listen to the recording of this event here!  As this was my first attempt at recording a session while also participating in it, it’s not perfect, but I think the content is conveyed just fine for the most part.  I’ll promise to work on refining my audio and camera work for the next one!  David was an outstanding presenter and the information/resources he shared were quite valuable.  Check out this recording and remember to plan for upcoming session on our SL Island!   Watching the recording is great, but being there live, walking around, interacting, asking questions, participating in discussion is so much better!  This one is about 1hr and 12 minutes long.  It’s a big file at that length, so you’ll need a high speed internet connection and a little patience for it to begin.  On a high-speed connection, it should start playing in a minute or two.  It’s also available as a download for your iPod, if you prefer to take it on the go!

FETC Virtual Spring Conference: Registration Open!  http://events.fetc.org/Events/Virtual-Spring-2010/Home.aspx

Interesting Internet Safety Idea: Using Facebook to TEACH internet safety.   I like the discussion happening here!  “”If we wouldn’t teach science without the lab or literature without the novel, then why don’t we actually use the internet to teach Internet Safety – safely online!”

Tips for Dragon on iPhone: Here’s some tips for getting the results you expect from the FREE Dragon Dictate App.

Sumo Paint Image

Sumo Paint! Cool free online application for painting, drawing, cropping, and working with images!  Quite possibly, my new favorite FREE tool for when I don’t have Photoshop!

UMapper: Create Free embeddable Flash maps!  Super easy and very cool!  The possibilities for using this with students are endless! Make your own maps!  Add images!  Add Sounds!  Add Text!   Link your map to a data feed!  SO COOL! …and I’m not even a ‘map guy.’    www.umapper.com

Here’s a sample I created: Go ahead, play with it, drag it around, hover over things, click on things.  Cool huh?  Took me about 3 minutes.

INSource Fair Anderson
INSource Fair Anderson

INSource Fair: This past Saturday I represented the PATINS Project at the INSource Disabilities Resource Fair in Anderson, IN.  Find out about other resource fairs, training and conferences available through INSource Here: www.insource.org/training.htm


Don’t forget about Virtual Worlds Best Practices In Education -3rd Annual International Conference TODAY & TOMORROW!

Once again, some of the PATINS Staff will be attending this free, online, virtual, international educational conference today and tomorrow.

I will also be presenting a session this year Friday (TODAY), from 5pm -7pm EST on our Island.

“The Virtual World Best Practices 2010 focus is “Imagination Around the World”.  From the North, East, West and South corners of the physical world what is evident is the collaborate nature of virtual world participants to share knowledge and experience. This 48 hour conference will indeed provide opportunities for sharing and further understanding virtual world technology.”

Saying Goodbye to Print? An interesting article on the disappearing printed word, how the type of text might influence the medium and more.

Online Learning Research: The research literature (1996 to July 2008) found more than 1,000 empirical studies of online learning. On average, students of online learning performed better than those with face-to-face instruction.” More Here: http://www.techlearning.com/article/26692

IEP Checklist: (Thanks Glenda)…one more free one for the iPhone/iTouch: www.php.com/free-iep-checklist-application-iphone

Remember (Blog Tip)!

Everything I’ve ever blogged is archived here AND search-able!  There is a “SEARCH” box to the right.  Just delete the word “Search” and type in a keyword/s you’re looking for and everything I’ve ever blogged about that includes that keyword should come up for you!  A nice feature to use when you sort of remember something I blogged about, but that didn’t really resonate with you back then because you maybe didn’t have a need that you do now!   Just thought I’d mention it as it has come up a few times in phone conversations this past week.

Plan To Attend:

April 20, 2010 in Indianapolis.
No Cost To Attend
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