2/3/2012: Start of 6 Mostly Free Ways to get Books on Your iPad, Congrats Kristin from Wabash, Digital Learning Day, AIM For Young Children Reminder!

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6 Mostly Free, Easy, Fun Ways to Get Books/Content on Your iPad:

  1. Use MS Word and the Free (if you’re in Indiana) ePub Converter from Don Johnston on Mac or PC:
    Download the Step-By-Step PDF of this simple process here: Worde Pub To iBooks Step by Step McNulty
  2. PAGES Software on a Mac Computer:
    Download the Step-By-Step PDF of this simple process here: Pages To iBooks Step By Step Daniel McNulty


The Next 4 Ways Are Listed Below and Will be Available Very Soon! 

  1. Install The Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg ePubs on the  iPad
  2. Use The Free StoryKit App on the iPad
  3. Use MS Powerpoint and the DJ ePub Converter on Mac or PC
  4. Use iAuthor on a Mac Computer


Flipped Classroom,  An Info-Graphic:  I’m still forming opinions on this whole Flipped Classroom idea, but I thought I’d share this graphic.  I’m curious to hear other’s thoughts.


Congratulaions Kristin from Wabash!  Kristin won the drawing for the 1st quarter prize for submitting follow up evaluations for PATINS Trainings this year!  Kristin won a Kindle and the next prize will likely be an iPevo Webcam/Document Camera.  It’s the same webcam I use for all my trainings where I show an iPad or other device on the desk!  Remember to fill out those PATINS Follow Up Evaluations for your chance to win.  Additionally, by submitting those evaluations, you are supporting the continuation of PATINS services provided to Indiana’s public K-12 schools at no cost to them!

Digital Learning Day!  Digital Learning Day was February 1st and some really neat things took place across the country.  If you missed any of it or just want to see it again, I encourage you to visit the website AND ALSO encourage all of your colleagues to visit the website: http://wpc.1806.edgecastcdn.net/001806/aee/aee020111.html?ebtv=C

Scott Marfilius Donna McNear Early Childhood Part 1 ImageEarly Childhood/Young Children Series NEXT WEEK!    Don’t Forget About This!   It Starts THIS COMING MONDAY AFTERNOON!  You will need to be registered by Monday Afternoon at the very latest!  Click the Picture Above to REGISTER!


The PATINS Project will be hosting a three part series on AIM to Start Early: Implementing Accessible Materials with Young Children with national presenters Kelly Fonner, Scott Marfilius and Donna McNear:

Feb. 6, 2012; 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST

    – The first event in the series is a webinar with Scott and Donna that will cover the current educational contexts for using AIM with young children, as well as cover the foundational concepts, research implications, developmentally appropriate practices and the instructional framework.

Mar. 5, 2012; 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST

    – The second event will be a live streaming event with Kelly, Scott and Donna that will encompass implementation with demonstration of appropriate technology tools and software and instructional supports.

April 2, 2012; 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST

    -The final event will be a follow-up webinar with Kelly and Scott that will focus on developing a plan for implementation and program development/improvement.

Click here for Registration information for this informative series.

*Professional Growth Points (PGPs) for participation require participation in all three events of the series.



3/4/2010: Upcoming Events List, Organize Your Computer, No More Textbooks? VoiceThread for All Students, Teach Paperless, App Deployment, Virtual Reality and Autism

Textbooks No More? Several of you have probably heard me talk recently in-person about the future of textbooks and some ways to prepare.  Here’s an interesting article about Washington State and their redesigning of the textbook for the digital age, as a follow up: http://education.newsweek.com/2011/01/25/who-needs-textbooks.html

VoiceThread for All Students: You’ve probably heard me talk about VoiceThread in the past as a way for students to express what they know as sort of a more complex form of Digital Story Telling.  Check out this article, specifically looking at VoiceThread and students with Special Needs.  VoiceThread and Students with Special Needs Article

Teach PAPERLESS! Are You Ready? I’ve been working hard this year to become 100% paperless in my office and I’d say we are about 99% there!  Like any change in procedure, it’s been a process that involved a learning curve, but not many things in the office are more efficient, quicker, easier, far more accessible and cheaper!  Here’s an article, somewhat related to the above textbook article, on what a digital textbook should/could be:  http://teachpaperless.blogspot.com/2011/02/digital-textbook-should-be-more-than.html

App Depoyment: I get questions almost every week about APPS and how to get them from the iTunes Store onto student and teacher devices.  2 things I want to direct your attention to in this regard.  First is the Apple Policy and second is thing concept referred to as Mingled Content model of app deployment:

  1. A webcast describing the App Store Volume Purchase Program (ASVPP) is available to explain the volume app purchase program.
  2. The new App Store Volume Purchase Program (ASVPP) is described in detail at:

Virtual Reality and Autism: www.education.com/magazine/article/can_virtual_reality_help_autistic_kids

Organize Your Computer: Last week I had someone ask me, following my discussion on keeping teacher files on a computer organized into folders and utilizing other organization methods, if the folders on a PC could be color coded.  Great idea!   …but, no it appear that they cannot, unless you use some third party software.  Here’s some information from microsoft on staying organized with your files (essential as you move to paperless) and also on some third party software for color coding your folders: www.microsoft.com/atwork/productivity/files.aspx


you won’t want to miss!