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6 Mostly Free, Easy, Fun Ways to Get Books/Content on Your iPad: Use MS Word and the Free (if you’re in Indiana) ePub Converter from Don Johnston on Mac or PC: Download the Step-By-Step PDF of this simple process here: Worde Pub To iBooks Step by Step McNulty PAGES Software on a Mac Computer: Download the […]

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Controlling Your SMARTBoard w/Your iPad:  This is a question I’ve received several times actually.  It’s a little bit confusing so I like to first make sure that folks understand what the smartboard actually is.  There’s no computer in the smartboard, rather the smartboard is connected to a computer and it controls the computer it is […]

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Textbooks in Indiana: “…For starters, it redefines what a textbook is. As of July 1, the word “textbook” in the Indiana code will refer not just to books but also computer hardware, software and digital content.” Read the whole article here and share your thoughts here on the blog in the form of comments. http://www.nwitimes.com/news/opinion/guest-commentary/article_f99f3714-de9b-5fde-a3a5-ef078d1d464d.html […]

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Open Source Content/Virtual School: http://thejournal.com/Articles/2011/03/02/Open-Content-in-Practice.aspx?Page=1 What Is OPEN CONTENT? www.opencontent.org/definition Open High School Website: www.openhighschool.org Why Open Source Textbooks? (Video): http://davidwees.com/content/why-textbooks-should-be-open-source Audiobook Creator: I had a couple of emails this week from teachers wanting to take some audiobooks they had and bread or divide them up into more manageable chunks.  The books they have are […]

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Hard to believe we’re 1 semester down already in the 2010-2011 school year!  I hope you are all enjoying some relaxing time with family and friends, so I’ll keep it short this week. Great WRITING Resource! (thanks Jim):  Found by NW PATINS Site Coordinator, Jim, this writing web resource is quite powerful!  http://livebinders.com/play/play/2170 TapSpeak CHOICE: […]

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Video Tutorial:  Getting a NIMAS Text Book into Stanza for iPad, iTouch, iPhone: Full Length Video with all the Explanations 23 minutes: HERE: NIMAS onto iPad Long Version Quick Video Demo w/no Explanations 3 minutes: HERE: NIMAS onto iPad Short Version Referenced Important Links: (You’ll need these to complete the demonstration in the video tutorials […]

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Some of the problems, illustrated nicely: I’ve talked recently to quite a few of you in person about this video and we were unable to access it, so I thought I’d post it here in hopes that you will be able to watch it.  It demonstrates very nicely, the problems with printed textbooks and linear […]

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