5/27/2011: New Featured Teacher Video! AAC and Whiteboard Apps, Upcoming Autism Training Info, Wrapping Up,

Wrapping Up: For some of you, school will be finishing very soon.  Several others have a few more days or even weeks of snow/fog/flood days to make up.  As you begin to look toward summer, keep in mind a few things for those lazy days when you feel like expanding your knowledge a little bit and preparing for next school year:

  1. PATINS Online AT Overview Course Module (at your own pace): www.patinsproject.com/AT%20Overview%20Course/AT%20Overview%20Files/index.htm
  2. Many PATINS Trainings are already being scheduled for next year, beginning in August.  Keep an eye on the PATINS Website as these are made public: www.patinsproject.com
  3. Speaking of the PATINS Website; watch for a brand new, more efficient and user-friendly look coming very soon! Same address:  www.patinsproject.com
  4. Watch This Blog: I’ll continue to post short updates each Friday over the summer months!  There are some exciting announcements coming that you won’t want to miss!
  5. Introduce a Friend or Colleague to PATINS (5 Minute Video): www.teachindy.com/watch_video.php?v=4cfd9bd6e1daf7f

FEATURED TEACHER Video Interview: Mrs. Nelson, a Logansport teacher, has an amazing story about a struggling reader who reaches her as a sophomore essentially unable to read.

MORE AAC Apps for the iPad/iTouch/iPhone:

Verbally: …”the first FREE iPad app to provide a complete assistive speech solution for creative communication”   http://verballyapp.com/

TouchChat: Not free, but looks very full-featured and can include word prediction.  We will have this app on our lending library devices soon:  http://www.silver-kite.com/touchChat/

Doceri: Not free, but full featured app turns your iPad into a wireless slate basically.  Allows you to teach, give presentations, etc., and still walk around your space.  Pretty cool! http://doceri.com/

Upcoming Autism Spectrum Disorder Training Info:

Vendor Offered Discounts: Remember to check often, the PATINS Vendor Offered Discounts page before making purchases.  These are continually updated. www.patinsproject.com/buys.html