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My hope, back in the Fall of 2007, was that this blog that would eventually replace the weekly AT, AIM  & UDL Tips, Tricks, Resources, and Announcements that I typically tried to send out once a week on Fridays to everyone on my contact list in the NE Region of Indiana, aka., “The Friday Lowdown“).  I’m pleased to say, well over 200 posts later, that I’ve been doing this almost every week during the school years since Fall of 2007 and can also happily say that I rarely send out mass emails anymore.  Doing this via blog has proven to be a more efficient way to get useful and important information to a greater number of people than just those on my contact list.  It also allows past information to be archived and searched for, when folks really need the information, rather than having to search through old emails from me.  Please consider subscribing to this blog as opposed to just coming to the URL and visiting.   There are many other GREAT AT, AIM & UDL resources out there and I will try to link you to many of those resources through this blog, about once per week on Fridays.   Thanks for visiting, please hang around for awhile and find something that might help your students Access, Progress & Participate in their curriculum!  AND, PLEASE feel welcome to leave comments to the blog postings here.  Leave your questions, your concerns, ideas, etc.!

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5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I just stumbled across your blog searching for some info on downloading for NIMAS. Your videos are SUPER! Very helpful and nicely done.

    I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to your posts. Thanks for this useful service–

  2. Thank you Marilou! I was out at a school all day yesterday and didn’t get to post, but I’ll attempt to make up for that today! Hope you continue to find helpful tips here. Feel welcome to comment and share anytime!

  3. Daniel,
    Thanks for mentioning our blog on yours today:)

    We hope to help families in Indiana navigate the system to provide the best opportunities for their children.

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